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We are one of India’s leading law firms dealing with family law. We represent clients on a large number of the most complex litigations across a plethora of courts, including those pertaining to Mutual Consent Divorce.

We exclusively conduct matters pertaining to Mutual Consent divorce presently, because it is the quickest, easiest, and least damaging method of dissolving a marriage for any couple who find that they are unable to continue their married life together. Mutual Consent Divorce, in our experience, is the most ethical means of achieving divorce. It leads to minimal stress and mental distress for the persons involved, including the children and parents of the Parties concerned, and of course the Parties themselves.

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We strongly believe that our role as legal advisers is not only to identify potential areas of risk, but to find practical and efficient solutions with a view to eliminating or mitigating such risks and getting the final divorce transaction done with the least hassle for the individuals. We use our understanding of India’s complex legal environment and equally importantly, our familiarity with the manner in which these laws and regulations are interpreted and enforced by courts and authorities, to provide situation based advice that is accurate and practical. Clients have appreciated our ability to respond promptly to their needs and to work within challenging situations.


  • Counseling of Parties
  • Preparation of Memoranda of Understanding laying down terms and
    conditions amenable to both Parties
  • Conduct of Mutual Consent Divorce cases, in

1)     Delhi

2)    Gurugram

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Our aim has always been to establish long-term, trusted adviser relationships with our clients. To this end, we keep ourselves fully informed of the latest developments in the field of law applicable to matrimonial matters, including legislation, case law, etc.

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